Menthol Crystals

Menthol Crystals

Product Code : SBE08

Menthol Crystals


Product Code: SBE08


Menthol Crystals

We at SBE Products feel that making Menthol Crystals is an art, thus the need of improvement is always there. We produce Menthol of highest purity, our Menthol Crystal contains UPTO 99.95% L-Menthol. In a very short span of time customers recognized our quality for Menthol.


Menthol crystal is solid crystalline substance; it is obtained from Mentha Arvensis herb plant. Menthol crystal is originated in Japan and mostly grown in China, Brazil, and Northern India. It is used as ingredient in various products for medicinal and cosmetic purpose.


Menthol crystal is extracted from menthe Arvensis plant by steam distillation to obtain mint oils then oil is filtered, menthol crystal extracted by cold extraction or chilling the mint oil at different temperature, so menthol crystal is separated out.


Menthol crystal is clear or white crystalline in colour, it has slightly pungent in taste, very strong & pleasant minty in odor and possessed cooling effect. Menthol crystal is highly concentrated so it is used in small quantity as ingredient. It is soluble in alcohol, ethers and oil.


It is composed of L-Menthol, 5-Methylethyl cyclohexanol.


1. It is used in pharmaceutical purpose for various products such as cough syrups, Analgesic balms; Vicks vapor Rub, Inhalers, drugs, medicated oils, cooling gels, oral or throat sprays, medicated creams.
2. It is used in oral products such as Toothpaste, Mouthwashes and oral sprays because of its refreshing action.
3. It is used in Chewing gums, hard candies, aerated drinks and liquors.
4. It is also used in various cosmetic & perfumery product for their analgesic and cooling & refreshing property.

Recommended Usage –
· Lotions
· Shaving creams as it reduces skin burn.
· Refreshing towels
· Deodorants
· Scents
· Salves
· Foot sprays
· Refreshing towels
· Cooling gels
· Lip Balm
· Soaps; it enhance soap action & reduce skin irritation

5. It provides relief in chest congestion due to its cooling & soothing sensation in inflamed area.
6. It is used to reduce itching by mixing it with carrier oil or aloe Vera gel.
7. It also used in cream as it calms sunburn.
8. It provides relief in stress, anxiety and nervousness so it is used in aromatherapy.
9. It is helpful in sinus problems because it help in alleviate blockages.
10. It used in fever as it reduces fever when applying it on head or feet.
11. It provides relief of sprains in muscles due to its antispasmodic property, it reduce cramping and muscle spasms.
12. It is used in alleviate nausea which is caused by motion sickness as it stimulates digestion because it has carminative property.

Safety and Precaution:

Despite of its benefit on nasal area, it might cause difficulty in breathing, swallowing, chest hardness, and discomfort at site of application.
It may cause serious allergies such as skin allergy, itching, soreness and discomfort at the site of application area.
Avoid undiluted menthol crystal use on skin.

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