Eucalyptus Oil

Clove Oil

Product Code : SBE03

Eucalyptus Oil


Product Code: SBE03



Synonyms: Clove oil, Eugenol, Syzygium aromaticum.

Botanical Name: Syzygium aromaticum.

Part Used: Leaves, Stem & Bud

Color: Colorless to Pale yellow

Viscosity: Watery in viscosity.

Perfumery Note: Strong spicy smell

Shelf Life: Two Years

Density: 1.030-1.063

Refractive Density: 1.528-1.537


Clove oil can be extracted from the leaves, stem and bud by water distillation, containing the desired lower percentage of Eugenol.


Clove is originated from Indonesia & Malacca islands. It is with red brown color; Cloves are taken from tree & dried. It is widely distributed in Greeks, Roman & China. The meaning of clove is nail


Clove is a evergreen tree that can grow up to 8-12 m tall. In starting clove bud have pale color then turns into green & finally bright red color Clove require warm & humid climate. Deep loam soil is best suited for growth of clove oil.


Pharma Uses:

1.Clove oil is used for cuts, burns, bruise & acne.

2.It is used in Arthritic pain, rheumatism.

3.Dentist give advice for the use of clove oil as it helps in toothache & mouth sore.

4.It is good for digestive system as it is very effective against vomiting & diarrhea.

5.Clove oil is used to treat against flatulence, bronchitis, asthma & tuberculosis.

6.Clove oil can be used to reduce anxiety, Mental exhaustion, fatigue & tension.

Cosmatics Uses:

1.Clove oil can be used as massage oil in cream and lotion.

2.It is very effective against leg ulcer and skin sore.

3.DeClove oil acts as anti aging agent as it helps to remove wrinkles and facial rejuvenation.

4.Due to its soothing effect and powerful aroma clove oil is used in making soap.

Food and Flavoring Uses:

Due to its powerful aroma and health benefits clove oil is used in food and flavoring. Clove oil added to split pea, bean soups and chili to give a good flavor


The chemical constituents of clove oil are iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, vitamin A & C, hydrolic acid Minerals, Eugenol, Isoeuginol, euginol acetate, Caryophyllene.etc


Clove oil blends with benzoin, lavender, ginger, sandalwood, basil and clary sage.


1. Eye Contact:

Clove oil blends with benzoin, lavender, ginger, sandalwood, basil and clary sage.

2. Skin Contact:

Remove contaminated clothes if clove oil comes in contact with skin. Wash thoroughly with fresh water at least 15 minutes. Contact a doctor if irritations persist.


If clove oil is inhaled in high conc. Take the person to fresh air & obtain medical attention.


While handling do not drink and smoke.

Do not leave the drum empty as empty drum.

Maintain the proper cleanness and hygiene.

Keep the drum in cool and dark place temperature below 25°


Clove oil is very potent oil.
Care should be taken while using clove oil. It may cause irritation if used in high conc.
Use of clove should be avoided during pregnancy.