Methyl Chavicol

Methyl Chavicol

Product Code : SBE16

Methyl Chavicol


Product Code: SBE16

Methyl Chavicol is obtained by making use of fractional distillation of Basil Oil. It is much more soluble in alcohols and slightly soluble in water. Its odor is pleasant and taste is characteristic.
The chemical structure of Methyl Chavicol is consists of a ring of benzene substituted by a group of propenyl and methoxy. It is also called Estragole and is a double-bonded isomer of anethole. It is always in liquid state with colorless to pale yellow in color. Although, Methyl Chvicol is the primary constituent of tarragon essential oil yet, it is also found in turpentine, basil essential oil, pine oil, fennel and anise.
It provides an effective treatment for itching felt due to stings and bites from insects, honey bees and even snakes, curing vomiting and motion sickness.

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